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ALYYLA Syeda Fatima iOS App - Make iOS App

ALYYLA Make iOS App Syeda Fatima is iOS sticker App of 99 titles of Syeda Fatima a.s. — a perfect enrichment of your iMessage feature on iPhone and iPad devices

1st on Apple App Store, Syeda Fatima (Names of Syeda Fatima (a.s.) iOS Stickers App for iPhone) iMessage stickers of 99 titles of Syeda Fatima (a.s.), daughter of the Last Prophet of Islam. These names are mainly pronounced by the Last Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. for his beloved daughter Syeda Fatima (a.s.) on several occasions through the course of his life. The sources of these names are mainly Books of Hadith and Islamic history.
The 99 names of Bibi Fatima in Urdu or Arabic are regarded as the great wealth and one of the loftiest blessings for all the belivers and, especially, the lovers of Ahl-ul-bait-e-Muhammad (pbuh). Syeda Fatima (a.s.) has enjoyed the status of the apple of Prophet Muhammad’s eyes throughout the life of prophet. Prophet Muhammad has always regarded Sayeda Fatima (a.s.) as the most respectable and the most loved in the eyes of the Prophet and for that matter in the eyes of Allah Almighty.
Syeda Fatema (a.s.) was married to Mola Ali (a.s.) who was not only Prophet Muhammad’s closest confidante and cousin but also the most regarded person in Islamic history after prophet Muhammad himself. And this marriage has also been referenced in Islamic history as an evidence of Fatima Syeda (a.s.) majestic stature as a woman of all times. Last Prophet of Allah has declared many of the verses of Quran to be revealed about Syeda Fathima (a.s.) in which ayat e tatheer is the most important one.
Syeda Fatima (a.s.) and her names/ titles taught by the prophet Muhammad himself are a great blessing for Muslims not only to support and brighten their prayers but also to name the new born Muslim girls after Syeda Fatima (a.s.). The gorgeous stickers in the messages are very handy to share 99 names of Bibi Fatima in Urdu, Arabic or Farsi for many purposes with loved ones.

ALYYLA Make iOS App Syeda Fatima (Hazrat Bibi Syeda Fatima Names Stickers App for iPhone) available download on the Apple App Store.

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