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ALYYLA Last Prophet iOS App - Make iOS App

ALYYLA Make iOS App Last Prophet is iOS Sticker App of 99 names of prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. — a perfect enrichment of your iMessage feature on iPhone and iPad devices

1st on Apple App Store, Last Prophet (Names of Prophet Muhammad [saw] iOS Stickers App for iPhone) iMessage stickers of 99 names of Last Prophet Muhammad revealed in Quran Majeed and Hadith. Almighty Allah has taught 99 names of Last Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h., mainly found in the Quran Karim and Hadith, in His revelations upon the Last Prophet.
In Quran last prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has such a special status in the eyes of Allah that no other messenger or prophet has ever had in the history of human kind since the beginning of this world and it is decreed to be like this until the end of this world and even hereafter. Muhammad last prophet is the only prophet of God about whom Allah stated in Quran that Muhammad pbuh last prophet utters no word unless or until it comes from Allah Almighty.
This highest status of a man is only given to last prophet of Islam and all Muslims around the world believe and understand it. This is why 99 names of Muhammad (pbuh) have incredible significance in lives of millions of peoples across the globe. 99 names of prophet Muhammad are such a leverage Muslims have when praying to Almighty Allah that it weighs more than this universe and everything it keeps. Last prophet of Allah and prayers last prophet has taught including 99 names of Muhammad are the biggest blessing believers have in this world throughout their lives and in any situation regardless how bad it may be.
When a Muslim man or woman raise his or her hands for prayer the reference of the last prophet is always mentioned to Allah Almighty by taking at least one of the 99 names of prophet Muhammad which gives a sense of satisfaction that their invocation will be answered sooner or later. Even the life last prophet has spent by showing example and recommending the ways in which prayers have more significance in the eyes of Allah the Creator. This prophet app and the beautiful stickers of 99 names of Muhammad are a handy way to give prayers to your loved ones in messages.

ALYYLA Make iOS App Last Prophet (Last Prophet Muhammad's Names Stickers App for iPhone) available download on the Apple App Store.

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