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ALYYLA Alif Allah iOS App - Make iOS App

ALYYLA Make iOS App Alif Allah is iOS Sticker App of 99 names of Allah — a perfect enrichment of your iMessage feature on iPhone and iPad devices

1st on Apple App Store, Alif Allah (Names of Allah iOS Stickers App for iPhone) iMessage stickers of 99 names of Allah revealed in the Quran Majeed. Almighty Allah has taught 99 names of Himself to the mankind in the Quran Kareem, the last heavenly book (Quran Karim) revealed upon the last prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.
Allah’s 99 names are revealed in the holy Quran for the entire mankind in order to benefit them throughout their lifetimes. Names of God bear specific powers for respective concerns and needs. Each name has a meaning and it is connected with a certain power of God. For instance, ‘Ya Shaafi’ means ‘Oh the Healer’ and it is recited and used by a believer who is injured or sick and seeking recovery and wellness from that condition. Allah’s name has immense power to heal specially when this power is invoked by its specific characteristic of being the Healer.
No area or aspect of a human life is left outside of the 99 names of Allah. No matter which stage of your life are you in, which place in the world you are at, what race or ethnicity you belong, and which language you speak, at least one Allah’s 99 names is available for you to seek help and get solution of your problem. In fact, there are many of 99 names for Allah which are helpful not only in a state of problem but also to increase and improve your position. For instance, ‘Ya Ghani’ means ‘Oh the Rich One’ and it can be used by a person who is poor and also a person who is already rich but seek to increase his/her wealth.
Allah 99 names is one of the brightest examples of the love of the Creator toward His creation. Allah of 99 names is the God who never leaves His creation without His help and support through thick and thin regardless.

ALYYLA Make iOS App Alif Allah (Names of Allah App for iPhone) available download on the Apple App Store.

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